University of New South Wales

Aishwarya Modur and Deborah Song


Three words that describe you? 
Aishwarya: Friendly, passionate and thoughtful.
Deborah: Friendly, organised and optimistic.

Best GPSN event in 2014? 
Aishwarya: Clinical Skills Night - it was great to have so many people passionate about learning and having fun with the stations. Suturing and Plastering went especially well! 
Deborah: Tie between Clinical Skills Night and GPSN Trivia Night - we had fantastic turnout, the students had really positive feedback and overall both great events.

What's in store for 2015? 
Aishwarya: Rejuvenating some of our events to improve interest from a larger student base. We are also hoping to increase integration between NSW clubs to really put GPSN on the map!
Deborah: Some new exciting events including collaboration with other NSW GPSN Clubs as well as a continuation and expansion on last years events!

University of New South Wales: Aishwarya Modur

University of New South Wales: Deborah Song