University of Sydney

Sureka Vyravipillai


Three words that describe you?
Enthusiastic, passionate and dependable.

Best GPSN event in 2014? 
The best GPSN event for 2014 was our Careers night. We were unbelievably lucky to have 4 GP's come and speak to us. They were all inspiring because of the passion they had. Some made us cry and some made us laugh. One thing they all did, was to show us that they were not 'just GPs'. They showed us this through the many stories they shared with us of the lives they have touched and the lives they continue to touch.

What's in store for 2015? 
The GPSN team at USYD for 2015 our excited about the year ahead and we hope that everyone else can come with us on our journey. We have many fun and exciting events coming up. Ranging from a workshop teaching keen medical students suturing and possibly other procedural skills to a bus tour in the outer regions of NSW. We hope to inspire medical students by showing them what general practice is all about.

University of Sydney: Sureka Vyravipillai