University of Wollongong

Jayden Murphey


Three words that describe you? 
Friendly, out-going and relaxed.

Best GPSN event in 2014? 
This would have to be the "Health-Check" tent at this year's local Relay for Life. A group of medical students from all years completed simple health tests including blood pressure, BMI, blood glucose and smoking, nutrition, alcohol and exercise history. It was heaps of fun with a great opportunity to use our skills in the community.

What's in store for 2015? 
Next year will kick off with the annual suturing workshop at med-camp, helping to feed the fresh medlings with some clinical skills. Also to come are events such as Careers Night and possibly further clinical skills. We also have plans of a NSW/ACT collaborative event, so watch this space!!

University of Wollongong: Jayden Murphey