Read the latest on issues that matter to medical students interested in general practice. 

Interested in research? We are collecting expressions of interest to participate in a GPRA and GPSN National Working Group project.

GPSN First Steps event wrap up. Our first ever NSW/ACT state-based event was a great success.

Save the date: NSW & ACT state-based event. An update on GPSN first NSW/ACT state-based event for 2019.

The university summer break is a great time to undertake activities which will add weight to your curriculum vitae (CV). Here is how to make the most of your break.

Here is a slice of what the GPSN National Working Groups have achieved this year, plus read about the new changes to the National Working Groups in 2019!

The GPSN National Council for the General Practice Student’s Network was held in Melbourne in early October. We welcomed the new 2019 GPSN National Executive.

Local GPSN clubs are wrapping up for the year with some final, exciting events before students put their heads down and hit the books for their final exams.

The GPSN National Council are holding their yearly elections. Applications have now closed.

New GPSN club opens at Curtin University, welcome to the GPSN national family!

Today GPSN is proud to stand along GPRA in support of marriage equality. Read more here.