Welcome to the 2018 National Executive Team

We're pleased to announce the 2018 National Executive Team.

The team met for handover with the outgoing 2017 National Executive Team. This was a great opportunity to exchange ideas, talk strategy and plan for 2018. Keep your eye out for all the exciting things which the team have in store for GPSN in 2018!

Chair: Megan Bleeze
Vice-Chair: Vinay Murthy
National Secretary: Terence Luo

Local Events Officer: Susanne Kitching
Working Group Officer: Keshini Visvanathan
Publications and Promotions Officer: Natasha Hardikar
National Sponsorship Officer: Elizabeth Wong
National Events and Projects Officer: Anita Pratt 

I am incredibly excited to embrace the role of GPSN National Chair. I will be in my final year of medical school at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle – I feel so blessed to be able to study in such a beautiful place! I am originally from Adelaide, and a keen Crows supporter…so best not to dwell on my grand final devastation!
I have been involved in GPSN since my first year at medical school. I have loved working alongside like-minded and inspiring individuals who are passionate about general practice and primary care. I have become increasingly motivated by the possibilities that a career in general practice offers, including the diversity, connection with community and continuity of care. I’m always impressed by the high quality events that university clubs put on for their members and can’t wait to see what innovative, stimulating, and fun events are in store for 2018.
GPSN National Chair Megan Bleeze 

What I value about general practice is how it is focused on holistic care for individuals and their communities, which gives GPs the privilege to be a friend, as well as a doctor, to their patients. Sharing this with my peers has been brilliant, and it’s why I love being a part of GPSN. In 2018, I hope for us to achieve this even further through Local Clubs collaboration, supporting the exciting initiatives of the Working Groups, and ultimately being member-driven in our activities. I look forward to working with you throughout the year, in supporting your general practice passions.
GPSN National Vice-Chair Vinay Murthy