Curtin Uni Joins GPSN

We're excited to announce a new GPSN club at Curtin University

Welcome Curtin University to the GPSN national family

One of great excitement has been the establishment of a GPSN club at Curtin University.

I would personally like to welcome Cleo, Vince and Josh to the team and look forward to seeing their club grow throughout the year and into the future.


Curtin's inaugural GPSN Chair, Cleo has written a small piece to introduce herself.

What I love about GPSN and Curtin's Medical School is that both have a strong emphasis on primary care to position graduates well for rural and remote practice, where there is a shortage of doctors. I think GPSN's programs and a network of aspiring general practitioners will really compliment Curtin's fantastic training.

As Curtin's inaugural Chair for GPSN, I'm really looking forward to getting our medicine students involved with GPSN's wonderful programs! Examples include the four National Working Groups and the Farm Stay & Cultural Immersion program.  Nothing beats hands-on experience and I think these are such fantastic opportunities to get involved with.

One fun fact about me is that I'm a Hufflepuff!

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