O-week is here!

Welcome to o-week 2018!

Over the next month, eager new medical students will be unwrapping anatomy textbooks, dusting off study spaces and hanging new stethoscopes around their necks.

GPSN will be at orientation events across Australia helping to welcome a new wave of medical students. Here is a sample of some of the events that may be happening at your local university GPSN clubs!

University of Melbourne & Monash University

Be sure to swing past for a yummy BBQ at each university in collaboration with the respective medical student societies. Engage with other medical students and hear about what other events are in store throughout the year.

University of New South Wales

If you’re headed to UNSW’s ‘MedCamp’ you will cross paths with the local GPSN club who will give you a head start on basic clinical skills such as taking blood pressure and tying slings!

Griffith University

GPSN club at Griffith will host a trivia night in early February, providing a fun opportunity for students to socialise and share their knowledge in a bit of friendly competition.

These are just a selection of the many events occurring over the next few months.

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