Summary of the RACGP 62nd Clinical Update in Brisbane

Summary of the RACGP 62nd Clinical Update in Brisbane

By Alexandra Yeoh, GPSN National Working Group Officer

The Impact of GP Location on Students’ Desire to pursue GP as a career is a paper that was presented at the 2020 AAAPC Conference, 2021 IFMSA Scientific Fair and is currently under review by the Australian Journal of Rural Health. Just earlier in the month, I had the great pleasure of presenting the paper at the Research Breakfast Plenary at the RACGP 62nd Clinical Update in Brisbane.

The 62nd Clinical Update took place across two days, 1-2 May, with several workshops, plenaries and symposiums being held throughout the weekend, along with a networking night on 1 May. It was amazing hearing from so many passionate GP’s regarding the various challenges they face in GP land, some of which include the trickiest paediatric cases to manage over the last 10 years, the complications that may arise from managing a patient with complex diabetes etc. There were also opportunities to practise and brush up on clinical skills at the event, including dermoscopy workshops and musculoskeletal physical examination workshops.

As a third-year medical student, never would I have imagined immersing myself in such an educational and enriching event, but learning from such experienced medical professionals and presenting in front of them too was such a rare and unique opportunity that I look forward to doing again in the near future.

For students who are currently considering getting involved in research, I highly recommend getting involved now, as it will bring about so many wonderful opportunities to not only present your research, but to network with extremely knowledgeable medical professionals who have achieved some incredible milestones and feats in their career.

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