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Working Groups in 2018

Above: the 2018 Farm Stay Trip in October

Rural Working Group 2018 achievements

The rural “Farm Stay” allowed medical students to experience rural and agricultural medicine in a hands-on real-life environment. This is 3-day camp involved rural health workshops as well as fishing, horseback riding and gallons of billy tea. The GPSN Rural Working Group have also been working hard to create an awesome blog site called "Humans of Rural Medicine", a space dedicated to the awe-inspiring experiences of medical students who've completed GP rotations/ placements in a rural setting. It will also have a comprehensive information guide on rural graduate pathways and possibly a directory of rural GP contacts. They have also held numerous Instagram competitions.


Close the Gap Working Group 2018 achievements 

The Close the Gap Working Group aims to increase awareness and encourage all medical students to make Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health a priority in their future practice. The group also plans to provide assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical student groups when needed.

The Cultural Immersion Experience is an opportunity for medical students interested in general practice to gain experience indigenous health and culture firsthand. In partnership with NTGPE, they offered an immersion trip that was held at the Billabong Safari camp in Kakadu national park. In late June, the GP Student Network’s Closing the Gap Working Group (GPSN) ran a four-day Aboriginal Cultural Immersion Camp in conjunction with Northern Territory General Practice Education (NTGPE) and GPRA.

Ten medical students were included on the camp based on a national call for written submissions, and a group of general practice registrars who were currently working in regional and remote locations in the Northern Territory, including Gove, Alice Springs and the Tiwi Islands. The trip involved being a part of a traditional opening ceremony, visits to sacred sites, fishing trips, walking tours as well as sessions on bush medicine and visits to local health centres. They have also produced numerous fact sheets on diseases pertinent in indigenous communities that we are looking to distribute.


A key change to National Working Groups in 2019

A key shift for 2019 is the implementation of a more streamlined structure to our amazing Working Groups. As a platform for individuals to pitch initiatives, the Working Groups form an integral part of GPSN and our broader communities.

Last year, the Community Working Group held the inaugural Farm Stay where medical students across Queensland had the opportunity to be immersed in a rural medicine experience and participate in outback recreational activities like damper-making and horse-riding. Another notable achievement of the Working Groups was the Cultural Immersion, where a handful of medical students explored the Kimberley and immersed themselves in Indigenous health.

Our vision for 2019 is to continue these initiatives through a dynamic and fluid single working group which consists of multiple project areas, rather than the 4 current categories of “Community, Rural, Close the Gap and Research”.

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