Your Summer Break

How to make the most of your summer break

The university summer break is a great time to undertake activities which will add weight to your curriculum vitae (CV).

Here are our top suggestions:

Go on a GP Placement — learn about the specialty which over half of medical students place in their top three career options! You could look for placement opportunities close to home, in other cities or rurally. Consider investigating rural generalism or work as a GP with advanced skills training (for example, in obstetrics or anaesthetics). There is a range of organisations who offer scholarships or opportunities for GP placements.

Do a Research Project —many universities offer short research projects over the summer. These are perfect for "dipping your toes" into medical research and boosting the appeal of your CV.

Volunteer — give back some of your spare time to help others! Volunteer experiences enrich your community and provide you with unique experiences. You can try volunteering through your local hospital, overseas volunteering or as a first aid officer. Plus, volunteering looks great on your CV!

Take a break — medical school is hard work, and it is important to take the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. Over the long summer break, there should be time to both explore wonderful medical opportunities and take time out for friends, family and relaxation.

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