We’re putting together a growing range of tools and resources to help provide medical students with an in-depth insight into the diverse possibilities offered by a career in general practice.

Earnings calculator

Australian currency Australian general practitioners earn good money.Our handy earnings calculator allows you to estimate your individual earning potential based on the kind of GP you want to be.

Aspire guide


This useful and compact guide includes the latest information on general practice pathways, interspersing various aspects of the GP lifestyle with snippets of personal stories from those who work in the field.

Self-care resources


r-cubed (Real Resilience Resources) is dedicated to supporting medical students, prevocational doctors and GP registrars to become more resilient.It offers resources, inspiration and tips from other doctors on self-care.

Professor Murtagh's case studies


With over 30 years experience as a general practitioner, Professor Murtagh provides engaging cases in clinical practice that will test your skills and knowledge.