Info for overseas students

Understanding the 10-year moratorium

The 10-year moratorium is a piece of legislation that affects where many international medical graduates (IMGs) (also referred to as overseas trained doctors (OTDs)) can train and practise as a GP. You could also be affected by this legislation if you obtain your primary medical qualification in Australia, but were not an Australian permanent resident or Australian citizen when you started your study.Print

Under the moratorium, these doctors will only be issued a Medicare provider number if they work in areas deemed to be a district of workforce shortage (DWS) for a period of ten years. A DWS location is a district that has less access to general practice medical services than the national average. If you wish to gain further information regarding which areas in Australia are considered to be DWS you can search the database.

Since 1 July, 2010, doctors subject to the 10-year moratorium have been able to reduce their moratorium time requirements depending on where they work. The more remote the area in which they work, the greater the reduction in the time restriction period.

RA Classification RA Category Scaling % discount Restriction period reduced to:
RA 1 Major cities Nil 10 years
RA 2 Inner Regional 10% 9 years
RA 3 Outer Regional 30% 7 years
RA 4 Remote 40% 6 years
RA 5 Very Remote 50% 5 years

When does the 10-year moratorium period begin?

 If you are subject to the 10-year moratorium, the 10-year restriction will commence from the date of your first medical registration in an Australian state or territory.

Detailed information on the moratorium, including several fact sheets and FAQs, can be found on the DoctorConnect website.