Financial incentives

Financial incentives beyond salary

Training as a GP, through both the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) and Remote Vocational Training Scheme (RVTS) program, is fully funded by the Australian Government.

As you move through the stages of training, your salary increases. The Australian Government has also developed incentive schemes to promote careers in rural medicine and address the shortage of GPs in rural and remote Australia. These are financial inducements offered over and above your salary income.

The General Practice Rural Incentives Program

The General Practice Rural Incentives Program (GPRIP) provides financial incentives for registrars who undertake part of their general practice training in rural and remote locations. These incentives are generous and paid according to the Australian Standard Geographical Classification Remoteness Areas (ASGC-RA 2-5) location and the length of time in a rural location, with greater incentives paid for more remote locations.

Click here for a map of ASGC-RA 2-5 locations.

Both general pathway and rural pathway registrars are eligible for GPRIP incentives.

For full details about this incentive scheme visit the DoctorConnect website, see the AGPT website or contact your local regional training provider.

Incentive payments are based on the length of time a GP registrar is placed in an ASGC-RA category, on a sliding scale:


HELP/HECS Reimbursement Scheme

The HELP/HECS Reimbursement Scheme applies to Australian medical graduates who choose to undertake postgraduate training or provide medical services for 12 months or longer in designated rural and remote areas. Participants in this scheme can have one-fifth of their HECS fees (from their medical degree) reimbursed for each year of service.

Any questions relating to this scheme should be directed to Medicare Australia on 1800 010 550 or visit