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Heather Brand 150pxlDr Heather Brand

"The way something new walks through my door every 12 minutes keeps me switched on, and it's far more challenging than many of the jobs I've done before. It gives me a wide variety of skills."

"It's amazing the breadth of the knowledge GP's do need to cover and I get home and get to walk my dogs every day and enjoy the beach. Life goes on outside of work."

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Lachlan McIver 150pxlDr Lachlan McIver

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but for those of us that do it, we think it’s the country’s best kept secret. We live in paradise and work with some very interesting communities that have health problems shared more by developing world communities than by other Australians. We have a wonderful lifestyle where we live in the islands, muck around in boats and go water skiing and fishing and camping on the weekends. It’s great.

I could combine all the things that I was interested in – emergency medicine, public health, indigenous health, chronic disease management and tropical medicine in the one vocation, with the outcome being registration as a GP.

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Jo Noble 150pxlDr Jo Noble

Each fortnight Jo runs a bulk-billing clinic at a local women’s refuge, setting up in a room with her own medical kit.

It’s a safe place for the women to see a doctor and they really appreciate what I can provide.”

She admits that one of her favourite roles is the one day each week she works at Hunter headspace in Maitland. “It’s a great set-up, with youth workers who triage all the patients and then refer them through to me and an in-house psychologist."