Experience general practice as a student

As a medical student, there is plenty you can do now to kickstart your general practice career.

Join the General Practice Students Network (GPSN) 

It’s a fun way to network with others who like general practice while developing your knowledge and credentials. Join now.

Attend GPSN events 

Each GPSN club organises free professional activities for members. These range from seminars and clinical workshops to pizza nights and trivia evenings.

Ask your burning general practice questions 

Get friendly peer-to-peer advice on questions related to general practice via GPSN. Email gpsn.enquiries@gpra.org.au

Apply for the GPSN First Wave Scholarship Program 

The GPSN First Wave Scholarship Program offers an opportunity for medical students in their first or second year to experience general practice under the guidance of a dedicated general practice supervisor. Third and fourth year medical students from Victorian and Western Australian universities can also apply for a placement with an Indigenous health provider. Find out more.

Study hard!

You probably don’t need to be reminded, but in order to be a GP you need to pass those exams. Being a GP is not an easy option, and you need a strong base of medical knowledge to attend to the range of presentations you will see every day. Read our study tips.