The National Working Group

Want to make a difference to the future of general practice in Australia?

The GPSN national working group is a student-inspired, student-run group for GPSN members who are interested in improving healthcare.

The group is made up of GPSN members from across Australia.

The group is self-directed, selecting their own projects to work on, with the support of the GPSN National Council and GPRA. Past project have included national events, research papers, local and national initiatives, pilot programs and more.

Working group national initiatives provide opportunities to experience and pursue roles in policymaking, research, community involvement and public health. You are invited to get involved in 2019!

If you are interested in joining the GPSN national working group or would like more information on upcoming projects, email


Topics which the working group have covered

Community projects

These projects focus on providing opportunities for students to actively give back to the broader community. Join the Community Working Group Facebook group.

Recent past and current projects include:

  • Refugee Health Initiative, with a pilot food-drive project hosted in Armidale.
  • Homeless Health Initiative, surveys gauging the level of teaching on this often-overlooked area of health, with input from shelters and other organisations on how we as students may be able to help.


Research projects

Research projects produces research that focuses on the priorities of GPSN members. As GPSN has a strong, large and well-engaged membership base, there is the perfect opportunity and resources for students with a research interest to be supported and assisted through the process. Join the Research Working Group on Facebook.

Recent past and current projects include:

  • investigating the links between personality types and undergraduate degrees with mental health in medical school.


Rural issues

These projects focus on projects which will foster an appreciation — if not passion — for rural and agricultural health amongst medical students.

Recent past and current projects include:


Close the Gap initiatives

The Close the Gap initiatives aim to encourage all medical students to make closing the gap and Indigenous health a priority in their future practice. The group will also develop programs to provide support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students during their time at medical school.

Recent past and current projects include:

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