The National Working Group

Want to make a difference to the future of general practice in Australia?

The GPSN National Working Group exists to give medical students experience in areas such as research, leadership, and policymaking, as well as the chance to make a difference, involve themselves in their local community, and discover their passions.

Any medical student in Australia can join the National Working Group.

The group is led by the National Working Group Officers, the local GPSN Working Group Representatives, and the wider medical student community. The group is self-directed, selecting their own projects to work on, with the support of the GPSN National Council and GPRA.

If you would like to get involved or would like more information on any of the projects, please contact the National Working Group to let us know what you are interested in—whether you have lots of experience or none!

Past projects have included national events, research papers, local and national initiatives, pilot programs and more.

If you are interested in joining the GPSN national working group or would like more information on upcoming projects, email

Research domain

The research domain aims to provide medical students with the opportunity to experience research during medical school. Join the Research Working Group on Facebook.

In 2021: we are looking at launching a national research project investigating the impact of COVID-19 on the wellbeing of students.

Recent past and current projects include:

  • Research from a medical student survey feature (amongst the four papers and five presenters who represented GPRA and GPSN) at the AAAPC 2020 Annual Research Conference. Further to this, one of their research papers title 'Australian medical student expectations of work-life balance as a doctor' was published in MedEdPublish.
  • investigating the links between personality types and undergraduate degrees with mental health in medical school.

Indigenous health domain

The Indigenous health domain aims to increase awareness and encourage all medical students to make a difference towards the health of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

In 2021: we are looking at designing educational pamphlets on the different Indigenous cultures and traditions, to help inform and educate medical students so that they are more culturally aware and culturally sensitive.

Recent past and current projects include:

Rural health domain

The Rural Health Domain promotes getting out of your comfort zone of city practice to the diverse and exhilarating world of rural general practice.

In 2021: we will be continuing the successful Farm Stay initiative. This weekend trip will help you see life outside the city and learn more from practising rural generalists—no two days are ever the same in rural health.

Recent past and current projects include:

Community health domain

The community health domain extends the gates of medical school into the surrounding communities to come up with initiatives and events that support our local areas. These projects focus on providing opportunities for students to actively give back to the broader community. Join the Community Working Group Facebook group.

In 2021: we are looking to deliver several High School Wellbeing Workshops under the community health domain.

Recent past and current projects include:

  • Refugee Health Initiative, with a pilot food-drive project hosted in Armidale.
  • Homeless Health Initiative, surveys gauging the level of teaching on this often-overlooked area of health, with input from shelters and other organisations on how we as students may be able to help.

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