National Executive


The National Executive team is an elected body made up of GPSN members from all over Australia.

The main role of the National Executive is to provide leadership and direction to the network. Together with the GPSN University Chairs, the National Executive Team also forms the GPSN National Council.

The GPSN National Council meet in person at least once yearly to discuss and plan GPSN activities and strategy, and to share ideas for the future. Throughout the year, they meet regularly meet through video conferencing. Major projects for the network’s leadership include: events, camps, promotions, and the publication of this magazine.

Appointments to the National Executive are yearlong terms. All GPSN members can apply for a position; applications to the National Executive usually open around October each year. Applicants are asked to submit a CV and a statement addressing their skills, passions and experience.

The successful candidate for each position is decided by votes from the National Executive.
The GPSN National Executive is a great way for medical students interested in general practice to gain practical experience in governance, policy, and leadership.

As GPSN is supported by GPRA, the national peak body for GP registrars, the National Executive is well supported in their roles. As the future of general practice in Australia, being on the National Executive gives GPSN members the chance to shape the future of healthcare.

Members of the GPSN National Executive

National Chair: Alex Zheng

My journey in GPSN started off in my first year of medical school; I applied as a hopeful, naïve first year who just wanted to do some digital design after a brief hiatus since high school. Yet two short years later, after serving as local club Chair, I now find myself on the National Team. Unlike other clubs, GPSN is unique in the fact that it is a national student network run by students; it is a great way to meet medical students from all around Australia, and to work with them on collaborative projects. ‘Making it to the top’ in medicine to me was never about subspecialising or financial incentive; it was about knowing that I had made a difference.
GPSN brought that to life for me; through the enthusiasm, innovation and support of its members.

National Vice Chair: Jacques Ma

In my fourth year with GPSN, I am excited to be supporting local clubs in 2021.

General practice is under-recognised as a speciality—even amongst medical students.

I believe it to be our mission to not only promote general practice as a specialty but to also foster interest in GP training.

My time with GPSN has also afforded me numerous leadership opportunities and I encourage anyone passionate about general practice to get involved.

National Secretary: Kim Tran

I have always been drawn to general practice as a future specialty choice as it is incredibly diverse and allows you to pursue your areas of interest and passion, whether it be paediatrics or ob/gyn or rural or Indigenous health.

GPSN is an amazing network comprising of clubs all over Australia, with student-run state and national events. The idea of connecting with other like-minded passionate medical students led me to join GPSN. I look forward to seeing what GPSN has in store for 2021, and would encourage everyone to be involved with GPSN as there’s something for everyone!

National Working Group Officer: Alexandra Yeoh

GPSN for me has always been a friendly avenue to learn more about the field of general practice and network with my equally enthusiastic and passionate peers. I'm incredibly stoked to be a part of GPSN this year, especially because we have so many exciting events lined up that will give students a thorough insight into what general practice is all about and also an opportunity to potentially conduct more research with the Working Group. I hope that as a Working Group Officer this year, I'll also be able to encourage others to get involved in more community, rural health and indigenous health initiatives.

National Working Group Officer: Derek Mao

General practice is the foundation of the Australian healthcare system - promoting this specialty to medical students ensures the future health of all Australians.

As one of the Working Group Officers in 2020, I have thoroughly enjoyed planning key GPSN activities such as our Rural Farm Stay. I am excited to do it all again by rejoining the GPSN National Executive team for the second time in 2021.

I look forward to working with GPSN members around the country to come up with new initiatives and events around the domains of rural medicine, Indigenous health, community wellbeing and research.

National Events Officer: Saleha Khan

As a medical student, I enjoy venturing into new challenges and pushing myself to expand my horizons, hence, GPSN was yet another pursuit. My two-year relationship with GPSN started with being the former Bond University GPSN Events Coordinator for the committee in 2019 and then progressing to the current elected Local President of the Bond University GPSN Club in 2020.

I look forward to having a voice for the executive team and execute my role as the National Events Officer for GPSN in 2021. I have a vision. In this world, illness strikes arbitrarily. Sickness rips loved ones apart and deprives the promises of life to those most deserving. People of low socio-economic backgrounds and residing in rural areas are often unable to access healthcare and left completely vulnerable to illness. I understand the difficulty in closing this gap in our community and how it is a gradual process. Despite this, by being the uttermost culturally sensitive, I yearn to make a positive contribution towards this noble goal. With this experience with GPSN, I’d hope to travel one step closer to my long-term goal.

Local Events Officer: Marise Tan

I joined GPSN to learn more about general practice and to also develop personal qualities such as leadership abilities, communication and teamwork skills. GPSN has given me the opportunity to gain unique and valuable experiences whilst networking with medical students all over Australia. I find general practice interesting because of the continuity of care, diversity and flexibility it offers as a medical specialty.

As the Local Events Officer in 2021, I will work hard in assisting local club chairs with organising events, liaise with GPRA effectively and do my best in helping other National Executive members.

Promotions and Publications Officer: Kiana Chan

Hi, this is Kiana, a third-year medical student from UNSW, and the 2021 Publications and Promotions Officer. Previously being on the local club, I joined GPSN because I highly appreciate, well, the GP chill vibes and the work-life balance as a GP.

GPSN provides lots of opportunities for people interested in becoming a GP, and I am keen to find out more as a part of the new exec team. My goals for 2021 as a PPO are to help with promoting local club/state-based events and to continue advocating for the role of GP through variable engaging ways.

National Sponsorship Officer: Pia Herrera

My name is Pia and I will be the National Sponsorship Officer for 2021. By being part of GPSN I have been able to get such different perspectives on General Practice and the diversity the specialty offers. Not knowing what will walk through the door makes it a daily adventure. Next year I will be doing my clinical year in Horsham, a small town in rural Victoria, and am looking forward to immersing myself in rural healthcare and hopefully getting a bit of a taste of what being a rural GP might look like.

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