National Executive

GPSN is a national network for medical students, run by medical students.

The National Executive team is an elected body made up of GPSN members from all over Australia.

The main role of the National Executive is to provide leadership and direction to the network. Together with the GPSN University Chairs, the National Executive Team also forms the GPSN National Council.

The GPSN National Council meet in person at least once yearly to discuss and plan GPSN activities and strategy, and to share ideas for the future. Throughout the year, they meet regularly meet through video conferencing. Major projects for the network’s leadership include: events, camps, promotions, and the publication of this magazine.

Appointments to the National Executive are yearlong terms. All GPSN members can apply for a position; applications to the National Executive usually open around October each year. Applicants are asked to submit a CV and a statement addressing their skills, passions and experience.

The successful candidate for each position is decided by votes from the National Executive.
The GPSN National Executive is a great way for medical students interested in general practice to gain practical experience in governance, policy, and leadership.

As GPSN is supported by GPRA, the national peak body for GP registrars, the National Executive is well supported in their roles. As the future of general practice in Australia, being on the National Executive gives GPSN members the chance to shape the future of healthcare.

Members of the GPSN National Executive

National Chair: Elizabeth Wong

I decided to become involved in my local GPSN club because it seemed different to all the societies at my university. Unlike other stand-alone clubs, GPSN is a national network, where local clubs interact with other universities regularly. It’s a great way to meet new people not only within your university but across all medical schools in Australia. General practice is extremely diverse and gives you the opportunity to sub-specialise. The wide variety of patients you see every day keeps every day on the job interesting. What I like about GPSN is the people — their friendliness, supportiveness and passion.

National Vice Chair: Angus McCormack

I love GPSN because of the member’s passion and drive to continually enrich the experience of Australian medical students and ultimately improve the quality of general practice — one of the most varied, important, and exciting medical specialties. Joining GPSN is a fantastic way to meet and network with like-minded people at both the local and national level and involve oneself in a wide range of projects — there is something for everyone! Since I first became involved in my first year, I have thoroughly enjoyed GPSN and I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in general practice, indigenous health, rural health, or research.

National Secretary: Laura Roden

I first got involved in GPSN through my local club at UNSW because I was interested in finding out more about general practice. I stayed involved because GPSN not only answered my questions but gave me so many amazing opportunities to run fun events, make friends at medical schools all over Australia and participate in national opportunities!  I cannot encourage you enough to get involved with GPSN through your university's club or the GPSN Working Group which runs a variety of amazing projects nationally. 

National Working Group Officer: Keshini Visvanathan

I believe access to quality, affordable primary healthcare is a basic human right. However, there remains much disparity across the world and in our own backyard — in particular, in indigenous, rural, homeless and refugee communities. It is my hope that through GPSN, particularly the Working Groups, we can play our part to help rectify the disparity in Australia. The GPSN community allows me to surround myself with like-minded and passionate people who share the common goal of providing the whole community with a high standard of primary healthcare. Through GPSN, I hope to encourage the best and brightest medical students to pursue a career in general practice.

National Working Group Officer: Helena Rann

I’m a Monash Medical Student currently taking intermission for 2019. I’m very interested in general practice for a multitude of reasons — I especially love the integration within the community and the long-term relationships that are established with patients. My particular area of interest is women’s health. I joined Monash GPSN in 2017 and the National Committee (as Close the Gap Working Group Chair) in 2018. I love that there are so many pathways for a GP to explore and I hope to use the working groups to promote the options in general practice.

Local Events Officer: Christine Wang

My main motivation in getting involved in GPSN — from a local and national level — was the opportunity to become involved with great student-run initiatives promoting the heart and soul of general practice. The GPSN community is irrefutably unique in their inclusiveness, passion and sustainability in the changing climate of medicine. This is why I am so excited for all the new and exciting projects planned for 2019. After medical school, general practice is such a versatile career pathway to take and always offers a holistic model of care that I admire and aspire to provide as a future doctor.

National Events and Projects Officer: Lucy Doan

Having been interested in general practice as a future profession for a long time, I was ecstatic when I got selected as an executive member of my local GPSN club! I have been involved with my local GPSN clubs for the last two years, during this time, not only have I gained valuable experience in running events, but I have also increased my interest in general practice as a career. I love running events, meeting new people and working behind the scenes, which makes it a delight to be the GPSN National Events Officer and an honour to contribute to future GPSN events.

National Sponsorship Officer: Aashish Chalasani

I joined GPSN because it is a national network which shapes the perspective of students on general practice. Through GPSN and the exposure to provides to general practice, we learn to admire the specialty for its fast-paced nature, with a wide range of presentations across an infinite number of healthcare domains and away from the myth of being “just a GP."

Promotions and Publications Officer: Ying Min Teoh

I decided to join GPSN because I’ve come to realise the importance of GPs as patients’ first-hand contact, especially in rural areas where a particular GP might be the only doctor in that area. GPSN has National Working Groups which run activities that allow medical students to develop essential skills. Therefore, I hope to be involved in organising activities that will make current medical students the best doctors of the future. Being a GP is challenging, and it is unquestionably a career I will consider in the future.

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