Cultural Immersion Experience Camp

Learn more about healthcare in an indigenous community setting.

The Cultural Immersion Experience Camp is an opportunity for medical students interested in general practice to gain experience indigenous health care and culture firsthand.

The 2018 camp selected  GPSN applicants to a remote Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory, at Billabong Safari Camp, Kakadu.

This trip was thanks to the support of Northern Territory General Practice Education (NTGPE). Scholarships were available for students unable to afford flight costs.

The Cultural Immersion Experience Camp is an initiative of GPSN Close the Gap National Working Group.

If you're interested in the 2019 trip, please contact:

2018 trip attendee, Helena, describes that the experience as "an honour to see sacred sites and such awe-inspiring parts of our country with the traditional owners". What resonated with Helena was how everyone has a role to play and choices to make that can help play a role in closing the gap of healthcare inequalities.

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